Over the last year we have been working tirelessly for an event that will take place this weekend, my dad’s 35th anniversary in ministry. In preparation for the event I have been speaking with people about what it takes to be in ministry. Yesterday while doing an interview I was asked to share my story. While discussing why its important that Christians show others their flaws and imperfections, I uttered the words “shame is our personal glass ceiling.”  I learned through sharing my story, that it isn’t my teen pregnancy that makes my story remarkable. The true interest in my story is undressing my cloak of shame for the world to see. There is power in sharing the ugly truths about ourselves.

Your past has power…It has the power to hold you back, or the power to push you forward. How are you using the power of your past when planning for your future? I once used the power of mine, to hold me down…I allowed myself to believe that I could only see what I “could have” been not ever able to access my full potential. I looked through the glass of shame and saw a me who had made no mistakes, who hadn’t allowed shame to drown her…I was complacent, content bearing the weight of my cross on my shoulders. That’s the funny thing about weights…without them you cannot understand your full power. The man who wants to build power must start with bearing weight.

As I sat in the studio discussing my past, celebrating my dad’s ministry, and looking forward to my own tangible future it dawned on me, I took the weight of my cross and threw it at my glass ceiling of shame. If it wasn’t for my father’s ministry, I’m not sure if I would have had the courage, focus, or strength to do that. I celebrate the messenger in him that has delivered people all over the world but more importantly, the father in him, who never used his children as collateral.

I now see who I can be but, I am not on the outside looking in, I am climbing steadily, faithfully to my goals. I no longer have to crucify myself….

I am thankful for Your faithful servants, those who preached through their own hurt, smiled during their own pain, and shielded us from the bitter cold of this world. I am grateful that You called my family, not just my dad, because I know I am far from worthy. My heart is filled with joy because I know that I have been set apart, not so I can feel alone but, so that I can learn to stand-alone.  I’m grateful that you showed me that it’s not about power; it’s about how you use it. Continue to show me its not about the weight, its about the power..

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Sarah Jakes

Sarah Jakes oversees the women's ministry at The Potter's House of Dallas, the church led by her parents, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes. She regularly blogs at sarahjakes.com and occasionally serves as a TV host on The Potter's Touch.

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  1. Ro

    This is beautiful Sarah. You are such and inspiration. GOD richly bless you.

  2. Teka

    Wow…so true….I like how you put it” the power of your past can hold you back or push you forward”… you said “shame was my glass ceiling”…now you are pursuing your fullest potential. This is a good example for all to follow…I know that I have failed many times and looking at my failures feels hurtful but if I use it to propel me forward it would be a great testimony.

  3. Joy Hampton

    Great Post Sarah! You are a true inspiration and you’re right. Once you change your perspective, you are able to see the bright light of the future and embrace the power of the gifts that God has in store. It is truly an amazing experience. So thankful for the ministry. My life has been forever changed.

  4. Jennifer

    Sarah, I pray that God continues to bless your family. I was debating about going to woman Thou are loosed in atlanta this year. After I clicked on the website that led to your testimony from last year, I felt confirmation to attend this year. I too was a teenage mother that pushed and am still pushing forward. I don’t feel so alone.Thank you for sharing! I applaud Bishop and First Lady for walking out what they are talking about!

  5. Mr. Pluetina Ivey III

    Wow…True words of inspiration…God shared with me this morning that what I’m going through is like a workout, and that where I am now is a little harder to bear because the training has increased inorder to make me stronger.
    This is confirmation to what the Spirit revealed to me earlier. I believe that we have “Like Kinds”, true believers of Jesus Christ who are connected via his Spirit…Like the world wide web connects its users, so the Spirit if the Living God connects his chosen.

  6. Wale

    wow….inspiring. and i think Christians need to hear more of this kind of message. its not the fact that you went down and you are up again, is the fact that you could prevent someone from going through that same lane. thanks Sarah!!

  7. Regina sMITH

    SARAH HENSON, one more Time , you are amazing grace from the Lord sharing your story and teaching us not to be shame, but proud to have a pass and grow to became better.
    I love Sarah , Thank you for the sharing

    Regina Smith

  8. Theresa Thomas

    Loved your piece my Beautiful Sis in Christ. Keep doing what your doing for the kingdom…We seasoned saints are blessed and appreciate what your doing to.

    P. S you are blessed to have the parents you have and enjoy every minute with them while you can, which I have no doubt you already are…

    God bless always!

  9. Leslie E. Brown

    Hello Sarah,

    These are wonderful words of encouragement. I too talk about my SHAME to women and young girls alike because I too was a young mom at 16yrs old. However, God allowed me to beat the odds when I continued my education and now I’m 34yrs old with a doctorate degree. So many people counted me out, but God. Who can’t serve a God like that. So, as you continue to work effortlessly, my prayers are with you and your family as I hope that you continue to pray for me as well.


  10. StephAnn

    Your transparency has pushed my kicked my journey of liberation into high gear! Thank you.

  11. Tameeka Nealy

    Thank you for sharing your story! It’s not about the weight it is truly about the power within because if you don’t know the power within you would not be able to carry your weights (cross) that’s been design to strengthen for the journey God has ordained for you to reach your Destiny.

  12. Min. Faith Pittman

    GOD gas so anointed “you” …and it sets men free…Thanks for sharing…Sarah Much Love Of The Father.

  13. Gail

    So true Sarah, so true. To think power out of pain. Please keep letting GOD use you.

  14. James Tshilongo

    Hi Sarah, Everytime I read and listern to your story, it encourages me to move forward from my past….Thank you for not ashamed to share your story that is changing my life and millions of other people around the world. Your Mess is your Message”

  15. Tiffany

    Sarah, it is wonderful to see your gift blossoming onto the page. Shame and the past can absolutely shape a man or woman! Being new creatures in Christ, we cast off garments of shame, and clothe ourselved in white. God bless, lady!

  16. Tracy A

    Thank you :) My prayer is for God to continue to use you to share his word with the young and the old.

  17. EvitaMc

    You are truely a blessing from GOD! I read your blogs and i’m truely inspired. Words can not express how greatful i’am for your blogs. To be inspred by another woman my age is remarkable. I can’t wait to read more!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!

  18. Dorenda

    To God be the glory!! Once again thank you for your courage to tell your story. You give me and other women like me hope. I now us my past for power to push on. Wow I’m just so amazed how are stories are so alike. I always felt as if I was set apart but now I know why He was preparing me for what’s to come. I am more transparent, bolder, and confedent than I ever been before… Thanks to our Lord and Savior!! Be blessed lil sis love ya!!

  19. Katina Boyd

    Wow Sarah, thank u soooo much I needed that. This has really blessed me because it is something I’m dealing with and reading this has given me a new way of dealing with my situation!!!! Be Blessed

  20. Laconia

    …it’s not about the weight, but about the power! Sarah, you said something…Amen! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Min. Faith Pittman

    It’s humility ..It’s greatfulness…Now courage. You are Blessed to have it all !!! GOD has granted you the gift to share……GOD SENDING YOU A BLESSING..Fill it and receive it!…TGBTG !!!

  22. MsTobi

    Thank God for you, seriously (“,) your transparency comforts me all the time. You seem to have it all together but its really encouraging to know that shame from the past is not a respecter of persons and that most of us will have experienced it at some point or another. Thank you for being so courageous. I admire you, wow, proverbs 31 woman to the core! God Bless you~

  23. Danielle Willis

    Thank you so much for this. I have been looking solely from the perspective of what I could’ve, should’ve and would’ve done. Its been really hard fully accepting the concept of grace. Its been a constant struggle. So when I read testimonies, why I still haven’t accepted that the same power you possess to overcome, so do I, I do aspire to really trust God in that fashion. To be able to graciously be a receiver of his grace, in not only in ideology but a real tangible way. Pray for my perspective to widen and me to be be open to forgive myself and accept His grace.

  24. Pastor Bridget

    Niece I am not sure how I missed commenting on this blog…It’s insightful, it’s impactful and it is intriguing…I love your style and I especially love your transparency. Keep blogging as you continue to inspire so many lives…Searching now to make sure I didn’t miss anymore (SMILE)

    Your #2 Fan and Favorite Aunt….

  25. Joi

    God bless you Sarah! I see you as an inspiration and I thank God for people like you who continue to show your greatness through humility, thank you for being transparent and blessing so many people. God has an anointing on your llife so DON’T STOP in this ministry that He has called you to be in.

    • theresa

      sarah i dont no what i would do if icouldnt hear your kind word on tv some how it make myday alittle better thank you so much i do have the book your father wrote let it go tell your mom i always love too see hear smile and she also give a better day and love too hear your father at 7.30 at night what ajoy just hear kind word mean so much too me god bless than you so much

  26. Min. Faith Pittman

    Thanks for sharing …Sarah. GODLY proud…Keep growing in grace…….

  27. Sheila

    I just want to say we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimonies. Our testimonies are shameful but that’s how ugly our enemy is. The devil don’t care about none of us. John 10:10 The devil cannot make us do anything that we don’t let him do. That’s why we need to watch our thoughts. If it’s good thoughts, that is our father in heaven. But if the thoughts are evil; to hurt someone or ourselves or will have a negative outcome. Please do not follow that thought. I’m not afraid because my father tells me 2 Tim 1:7, do not fear. I’m not proud and not haughty because it leads to shame and a fall. But I definitely expose that devil. Yes, I tell exactly what I let him do and how he used it to destroy me and my family. That’s why it’s important to stay righteous. Because God don’t lie, Numbers 19:23. What the devil meant for bad; God will turn it around for our good. I give all honor and glory to our father (God) and Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

  28. Thenjiwe

    Sara, your honesty and transparency should inspire us all. You have the courage that only God can give. It is a gift but also a choice. I have so much to share with the world and always wondered what will people say and feared to eb judged. But though you are sooooo younger than me, you are still my inspiration. Letme me tel you baby girl, you will be the first to read my transscripts and to give a FOREWORD.

    Luv in you in His Name



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