I have built my ministry and identity around being the best wife and a mother I can be.

For quite sometime I have tried to steer through some serious troubles at home.

As much as I wanted my marriage to last, it cannot.

After professional counseling, and prayerful consideration I have decided to end my four-year marriage.

There are biblical grounds supporting this decision and I have attempted every other recourse but after multiple infractions over the course of the union, and for my personal safety and that of my children, I have come to this painful decision.

Now that it is made, I would ask for privacy while I navigate through this difficult season in my life so that I may now concentrate on being the best parent for my children possible.

Thank you for your prayers.

About The Author

Sarah Jakes

Sarah Jakes oversees the women's ministry at The Potter's House of Dallas, the church led by her parents, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes. She regularly blogs at sarahjakes.com and occasionally serves as a TV host on The Potter's Touch.

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    • Delzoria Lucas

      My prayers go out to you, and your children. I pray you all recover from this, and be strengthened during this time. Be blessed. I love you with the love of Jesus

  1. Kelia Wise

    You keep your head up Sarah. I know how you feel. I’m 25 two children and divorced. I am praying for you and your children. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!! GOD IS STILL A GREAT GOD!! Inspire of calamity, he still has a plan for you & it’s all gonna work out for ur good. Take care SIS. Love u!

  2. Tasha


    I will keep you and your family lifted up in prayer at this difficult time in your life. I enjoy reading your blog, and hope that you will continue to bless us with your words of wisdom.


  3. Masha

    Sarah, Don’t you even worry about it. I too, had to make the very same decision after 4 years also. Through prayer, you WILL get through. I do not know you personally, but I can only gather that you are a wonderful person and doing the right thing. While it sounds cliche’, keep the faith and know that God has you covered. Just because of who you are and your family does not make you exempt, and I know you know that. God has a bigger plan for your lives, just taste and see :)

  4. Chanel

    May you be blessed with peace in the decision you have made. I too made the same choice for the same reason. God will supply all that you need to STAND strong as a single mom. You have great support within your family.

  5. Anne

    Omg but anyway You wor the shoes and do know where it pinches! Am praying for u dear love u regards to ur kids

  6. renjoadi

    I am praying for you sweetheart,You are a strong woman.Always remember ‘this too shall pass’.One day the hurt and pain will be gone.Until then be strong be strong for your babies.

  7. blondelle

    I will be praying for you Sarah..i have not met you in person yet but youre such a humble and caring person..whenever i felt broken i ran to you on Facebook and you helped me with your Words and prayers ..youve been there for so many people and i know God will certainly see you through this season..we love you Princess Jakes..”..don’t get weary for in due seaon you will reap..”

    • Ann

      I stayed and it was the hardest thing I ever did.. it was public in the church world .. thirteen years later older.. and if I knew that it would effect me in my older age I would have left and never looked back. We never know how long it takes to heal..
      believing God and at the end it still is painful the only thing that came out was my son has a father.. and I understand generational and biblical cruses. I know God is faithful but my journey has been hard. You have a awesome father and mother and most of all God be encouraged

  8. Teri

    Do what’s best for you & children, do sorry to hear this. Prayers with you all

  9. shalay pellum


  10. Virginia


    You have my respect and prayers. I remember making that decision at about your age basically in the same manner and for the same reason. I prayed, layed, stayed, prayed and sought bibical answers and God’s peace. I felt that I owed commitment to my husband in spite of what he was doing against me. One day God let me know in my spirit that this was not his plan for me…and He gave me His peace that surpassed all understanding. God’s blessing and peace be upon you and your children, young lady. When I became a member of the Potter’s House, I believe you were nine. You are a mature and wise young woman now.

  11. Robbin Reynolds

    You are an extraordinary woman of god who has inspired me as well as many others. It is not easy to break this kind of news to your kids, parents, and friends. I can’t even imagine what its like to display this to the world. I have been through a similar situation and though it may not be easy… YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH!! God can and GOD will SEE you THROUGH!
    It’s written, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight. I always keep this close to my heart because folks will mix the term “thy” with “they”. Ya know what I mean.

    By the way, I receive your prayers and messages on the Potter’s Touch… Keep up the GREAT work!

    Love you with the love of Jesus!

  12. Anne-Marie Scott

    Dear Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear about your marriage. I, myself was praying about my ‘marriage’ when I saw your message, as I have been separated from mine for over 5 years and have decided now to go down the divorce route. It will be well in Jesus’s name. Remain blessed. Anne-Marie

  13. EricaW.

    Keep your head up, you are an amazing mother and a brave woman. You have a great family who love and support you and you have all of us who look up to you and stand with you in prayer. I pray peace and strength and healing over your heart and the hearts of your kiddos…..take care :-)

  14. Marvella Powell

    You are a strong woman of God, and no matter what keep your head high and live the life God has ordained for you. You had to decide to make the best decision for you and your children, getting married at 18, I had to make the painful decision to end the marriage after considering all the factors, but I did what was best at the time for me and my son, and with God’s help, I made it. I will pray for you because I understand when a decision such as this magnitude have to be made, it will take time to heal amd move forward.
    Prayers and love enclosed,

  15. Cheri

    So sorry to hear this sis. Prayed for the family before I wrote. My heart aches but it will heal. Love you and thanks for sharing.

  16. Lynn

    Know that you’re in my prayers and I’ve been where you are…do what you have to do to make this an easy transition for you and your children.

  17. Vontrail Passmore

    I’m terribly sorry for this weighty decision that you have to make. I’m gonna sincerely pray for you & your children. And also I’ll lift up the rest of your family & your husband before the Lord. God bless you Sarah, you are a woman of faith. Stay faithful to the Lord.

  18. Lina

    You have the most amazing strength of a woman. I applaud you for being strong and taking a preemptive step to put everything outdoor as well as ask for respect of your privacy. I pray that you and your children will remain safe and under the covering of God. I admire you. Stay well.

    Lina, Administrator (Woman to Woman Blog Talk..empowering women)

  19. Angela M. Smith

    Precious daughter, LIFE and favor from the LORD BE up on you. The LORD’s peace and comfort BE your portion during this transition.

    Angela M. Smith
    a.k.a. Nataph

  20. G Mitchell

    God bless you Sis. Sarah. Having gone through a divorce, I know how difficult life can be while trying to heal ( or make whole) the heart and draw closer to the Lord during the process. I praise God for your candidness. You and your children will be in my family and I prayers.

  21. wayne meadows

    After twenty years of marriage myself I had to make the tough choice…my prayers are with you Sarah.
    SMILE….it willl get better!

  22. Dwayne

    Hey Sarah,

    Sorry to hear about the disperse of your marriage. I am praying for you and yours be blessed in Jesus name.

  23. Dalya White

    Praying for you,and I’m not just saying that. I pray Gods covering, and that he keeps your mind and heart in perfect peace. I pray this transition will go as smoothly as possible for you and your children considering the circumstances. God is still good and He’s faithful. Love you sis!

  24. Keisha Siverand

    Respecting your decision and privacy. Praying for you and your kids the ex husband to..

  25. Rod

    Sarah, thank u so much for sharing about a difficult time in your life. U are a beautful, intelligent, and GOD-fearing woman, so I know u will get through this storm. The good thing about a storm, it will cease. As a man, I apologize that some of us do not realize how bless we have it. My wife and I will continue to pray for u and ur family. We know he will continue to order your steps. GOD BLESS!!!!

  26. chandra washington

    This is very courageous!! We your Potter’s House family love you, support you and love you!! We dare not sit in judgement because we have all been through heartbreak & betrayal. Keep your head up and when can’t I visit Phil 3;14!!

  27. sylvia hamm

    Lady Sarah, baby girl, I applaud your honesty and candor, you don’t owe anyone on this planet an explanation.Do what God has led you to do. At the appropriate time,after healing has taken place, in God’s timing, a man of God will honor the woman of God. Some people can’t handle when we come out of the shadows,and into the marvelous light!! The steps of a good man/woman are ordered by the Lord……keep walking baby girl!!! God speed.

  28. Petronilla Polk

    I know you had godly counsel, not from Bishop Jakes but from Daddy Jakes. Who once said he would forsake his ministry, because 1st he is your father. It’s hard not to mention your parents and keep them separate, they are who you are. They are godly. Divorce Lady Sarah is not fun, that’s when the true side of a person comes out. You think a person loves you and then to ask yourself because they become so selfish, viscious, how could I think this person ever loved me? I’m a Christian, don’t be a saved sista, without sense. Please listen, you can be smart and still saved and it’s not selfish. Every descision you make, always, always, do it for the best interest of you 2nd and the children 1st. Pray to God. Some matters keep between you and HE. Listening to, too many voice can be more confusing. I applaud you, you handle yourself with Grace, could not tell you were passing through the fire of purification. You didn’t get burned and didn’t have fire’s stench on you. You ministered in His Strength, continue to do all things in His strength,
    Be Joyus,
    Petronilla Polk

  29. Elder Debra Gulley


  30. jessica

    Sarah, I can’t tell you how u should feel or what you should do, but I do ask that you continue to praise God & speak Gods word every chance u get & be honest w/ God. Remember that He has felt what we feel & He knows. Be strong & courageous & keep that door open w/ ur Father.

  31. Theresa Thomas

    God Bless You Daughter In Christ,
    Let me first say. Life happens and you MUST do what’s best for you and your children. This message was totally not necessary!!! Your business is your business. But understand why you did. Reality Check! Haters are going to find fault and make more out of it no matter what. But the Savior we serve, doesn’t condemn, so don’t let’em get 2 you. Therefore, Hold UR beautiful head up!!! Keep doing it with excellence!!! and surround yourself with your family. Know that UR in my prayers

    God Bless You Always!!!

  32. Apostle Katrina M. Walker

    Dear Sarah,
    Hold your head up high and be encouraged! No in your heart that when you have done ALL that can do, then you have past the test! I respect the Christ in you. Not because you are the daughter of the sweetes parents in the land today, but because you have encouraged me through your writings & Tweets. I met you in DC @ The 08 Pastors & Leadership Confereonce. It was there that Christ shined through you.

  33. Lisa Collier

    Sarah I do understand and respect your privacy I’m praying for you and your children that this will be a smooth transition for everyone may God bless you,Love you Lisa C.

  34. Emmanuel

    Sarah, I can feel the pain you are have been through and the ones you are now passing through. Its not something easy and understandable given your status and character. You are a woman any mindful man would love to marry. You are so beautiful and full of genuine character. I have never meet you but I have got opportunity to listen you and read your posts. You are in my heart I can feel that and I can feel the pain. The quick message that come in my mind is this…oil from seeds never come easily …it requires had pressing. Its not in vain you are going through those difficult times. For your information all HEROES have never enjoyed life-they were all heavily pressed. Look back to the history Moses, Elijah, Joshua, Ibrahim, Daniel, Joseph, Jesus to mention a few…Within you there is the healing -life giving oil…Never give up….stand up straight and move forward many are with you and many will be fed by you….

  35. Jennifer

    You and your family are in my prayers as you begun healing.

    I know it was a difficult decision and one you didn’t take lightly.

    I will keep you lifted up and when you feel like crying, go ahead and purge.

    Hugs and love!


  36. Sharon

    Keeping you and your family in prayer! It’s good you shared it with you FB and the world that it’s not on breaking news… Love and much prayer!

  37. Deborah

    Dear Heart,just be lead by the Spirit of God! No one understands like our Heavenly Father! I Love You! So proud of You,but always,please,”just be who you are!”

  38. Adria

    I support and love you!!! Your strength speaks volumes, may God Bless you and your family.

  39. Sandy

    Thanks for the transparency, its not needed, but prayres go out to you and husband. Gods love is for everyone even though we never ever derserve it. God is bigger then our circumstances and is in controll of it.
    Meditate on 1 Peter 4:8
    Be blessed


    Sarah you have lifted so many of us up when we didn’t know where to turn. sweetheart just thank God that you know him and you have a relationship with Him. Hold you head up continue to seek God for all your answeres. Continue to love those children and continue to keep yourself looking beautiful. My prayer for you is that the peace of God guides your footsteps. That the favor of God will follows’ you. And the blessings of God cover your life. Sarah it’s just a journey. Take God by the hand and walk withv Him. Love You With The Spirit of Christ. Pastor Darlene Thurmond……

  41. Ebon'Nae Piggee

    When we met, Instantly my spirit knew you it connected to yours in a very intuitive way. Perhaps, for more than one reason, but now I know at least I know one. Love you and Im grieving&celebrating in my heart with you ;).

  42. Michelle Nelson

    Sarah you have been there for me (on tv) (friend in my head) at my lowest and I dare not scroll pass your message without commenting. But God…. you will get through this. God is preparing you for your real husband….Don’t give up on love it will come in time and something that I live by is “In the Meantime” Continue to let God use you.

  43. vivien odeleye

    Dear Sarah, my heart goes out to you and your family. I recently liked your page coz of your honesty and transparency.

    Our prayers are with you for wise decisions at this time. I’ve been in a similar situation over 14 years. Having done all, you MUST safeguard yourself and children. God will direct you, nurture you, comfort you, sutake care of you and repair you! Its not an easy process. It takes time. Many judge you. Bt in the end, you will Smile again.

    Vivien Odeleye

  44. Felecia Henderson

    Hey doll! We meet in Orlando and I gave you my number ! Call if you need me! Praying for you both!

  45. Therese Fortier

    Sarah, this is such sad news and I will pray for you, your children and your husband. As God hates divorce, so do I. I recently went through a divorce with the man I was married to for 23 years. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to go through in my entire life. I wish divorce upon no one. Keep your focus on the Lord and He WILL see you through and give you the strength you will need. I pray you heal from this and be an even stronger woman of God. Therese

  46. Ms. Dawn

    Praying for you during this difficult time. You have been such an inspiration many ladies. May God continue to bless you and keep you!

  47. Stacey Robinson

    Sarah if you have done your best God always handles the rest! Stay prayed up sis. My prayers are with you all.. xoxo

  48. Beverly

    May God stenghten you during this trying time!
    Don’t worry about people.. What they think or say!
    Stay close to family and most of all God!
    May God bless you and your children beyond measure!

  49. Stacey Robinson

    I will respect your privacy sis! Always praying for you all! Peace & Blessings love..

  50. Patrice

    I am standing with you. I am praying for you. I am going through the same thing. I got your back.

  51. Lisa

    I’m praying for you and your children during this time. Keep your head up.

  52. Peggy

    Sarah you are a beautiful, talented, God fearing young woman and you will find another young man, whom God will bless you. Your character is excellent, you are a virtous woman and I know that you did everything you can and thats all you can do, I am definetly praying for you. My mom always says, God doesn’t closing a door without opening a window. You are blessed and highly favored. What the enemy meant for evil, God will use for your good. Be encouraged and stay strong in the Lord, and in the Power of His might. I love you. <3

  53. Chanel Woods

    You’re such a courageous young lady and I’m praying for you as you walk this out.

  54. Tracy Washington

    Thank you for your humility in going public with your decision regarding your marriage. I know it was not easy. I am holding you up in prayer that God would intervene mightily and for a protective hedge around you and your loved ones. May He comfort your emotions and heal your heart.

    Tracy Washington

  55. Lisa Banks

    I am keeping you and your family in prayer
    God knows your Heart and Your mind…May
    He continue to guide you and be your strength…

  56. Jody-Ann

    I’m terribly sorry about that decision Sarah! I got you in my prayers! This Jamaican got you in the spirit!

  57. Lakesha Farris

    I’m praying for you and your family. It takes a strong person to make decision such as this. God Bless…

  58. Teri Crowder

    BLESS You Sarah…You & the children are in my PRAYERS. You have been such a BLESSING to me & others, may You feel the healing power of our LORD the way he uses your words to heal others.

  59. Joy

    Only God can direct you as to what is best for you. I am so very sorry. No one has to live with ths decision but you. Be Encouraged!

  60. Anita Dawkins

    Now I know why God gave us the connection. I feel your spirit more than you could ever know. But the devil interacted each time and made you unavailable. Sarah when you know the righteous of God you have no other choice you was chosen you didn’t choose and because of that your faith will be tested numerous of times. This is the begining to a new start in order for you to hear God and to be lead you had to let go all attractions. I see the favor he has given you. I won’t to share with you spend time with God you and him he will mark your direction sit

  61. Sabina McGee

    Praying for you and your children. I pray Gid continue to bless and keep you during this time of transition.

  62. Jacqueline A.

    Sarah I’m not going to say much you already know what too do! May God Bless You and your children.

  63. Tiffanie Willis

    Just walked out of that storm and want you to know the Lord knows the way you take and will cover you in all things.

    Luv you Elder Tiff

  64. Anita Dawkins

    I am here for you!!! I love ya I am going thru as well was the hardest decsion in my life. But it was long over due tring to work it out myself for years and I wasn’t doing anything but puttung a bandage over love girlie

  65. Debbie Hess

    I am so sorry that u are goying through this and i will keep you in my prayers. I have been watching your dad for over 10 years and have been following your blog for a few months. I ended my first marriage due to abuse and found the Lord in the process. I heard Marilyn Meberg of women of faith discuss how abuse is not tolerated by the Lord. She referred to the scripture re we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Your children will grow up and see you s

  66. kim young

    Sarah not only will I be praying for you, but I will be praying for the children as well. With God and the support of family and friends you will get through this.

  67. Diane Simpson-Evans

    Sara,, more than anything, I appreciate ur humbleness and transparency… Please know that no one ever get married to divorcee. As I read years ago in the word that, “a part of u that dies when u go through a divorce”!! Just know that u are a very valuable portion that is being lost!!! Hang in there and go thru all of the wmotions rhat comes with a lost. Eventually, this will become another life lesson to buikd up and reatore others!!!

    I had a ttrial before me some years ago and the holy spirit spoke thru ur mom, “IT’S JUST A TEST!!!”

    Love, Peace and Blessing!

  68. Paul Ross

    Praying for you Sarah. Met you at the Leadership conference in May and you were so gracious in taking your shoes off so you did not look taller than me in our photo :)It’s a painful time for you right now but this too shall pass. I declare complete healing for you, your children,and Robert.

  69. Pamela

    Be encouraged during this difficult time. I know that your entire life has been very public. It taks great courage to be so transparent. Please know that your example and voice has been a blessing to so many. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

  70. LaShawn England

    I love u with the love of the Lord as do many others. I will pray for your strength, peace and prosperity as you venture to this next level in ministry. There is a ministry program for Divorcees called DivorceCare in which I have experienced it does help guide things along. Love and Blessings, Sis. LaShawn England

  71. Pat Brown

    Sarah, I bless you and your family. I cover you in prayer. The Best is Yet to Come! Love you more!!!!!

  72. Denise

    One thing I know Sarah, Rom 8:28 says all things work together for the good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose. God is not finished with you yet. God has gotten the Glory out of your journey so far and will continue to get the Glory!! We will uphold you and your family in this difficult time. Can’t wait to hear the testimony on the other side of this tribulation. You will come out as Gold in Jesus Name!! Much love and prayers from Canada.

  73. Hope

    I admire the strength you have shown in what must be a very difficult time for you. I pray that God’s love and strength will surround you. That you would continue to be an awesome mother to your children. God bless you always.

  74. MD

    Praying for you both, Sarah. Ironically, I’m at a similar point of decision. Continue to trust God and pour your love into your kids. Your posts have been a tremendous encouragement to so many because, if for no other reason, they are real posts from a real person. Keep being the victorius you.

  75. Angela

    I am very sorry to hear your marriage will end but I have been watching you from afar for a while now and have learned you are a very strong young woman and you have a good family support system…. Although I know you never wanted this to happen I’m sure you will be a better woman and mother as a result of standing fast while you had to…. I will be praying for you!!!!

  76. Angelia Wallace

    Praying for you my sister. I had to make that same decision in 2008. There WILL be glory after this. Blessings to you.

  77. angel

    sweetheart your a beauitful young me and you are about the same age. i am 26 i was never married but i been thre a horrible 5 year realationship girl it was so bad i felt like i wanted to give up. im coming to wtal this year in atlanta i hope u are going so i can meet you.girl i believe god has a wonderful plan for your life and he will bring you bigger and a better spouse in the future to do his will.i know it hard girl when you trully love a man so hard to walk away girl i been there everytime i tried i kept going back so i feel ur pain. no ome can relate to a situation unless they been threw it. God has a wonderful future for you and he will healyour heart .you can email me godfavorme9111@gmail.com if u need a shoulder .love ya ma sista

  78. Regina Smith

    Sarah you don’t have to informed us about your personal life ,your decision did not change my respect for you. But the sense you did, whatever decision you made I will support you, and I am very proud that you put your children first. I group in a environment that I wish my parents did the decision you made, was so bad that sometimes I asked God to take my life. My husband and I will pray for you and we want let you know you don’t know us, But we love you.

    Thank You Sarah and God Blessed you

  79. Kia Barr

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Keep seeking God and He will direct your path.

  80. Cassandra

    Can say nothing more, than I love you and I send hugs and prayers to my lil sis…

  81. La'Vena

    You are strong, and with God–we’ve got your back in prayer and friendship:)

  82. Monique Murray

    You my sister are blessed and highly favored of the Lord, I love you and may our Lord and Savior continue to keep you strengthened during this journey of your

  83. laetitia gutuza

    Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. God ‘s Thoughts are not our thoughts and His Ways are higher than our ways. But He is faithful, never to forsake. You have the divine responsibility to protect yourself and your children, and His Grace is sufficient. Weeping may endure through the night but joy comes in the morning….For everything there is a time and a reason. May you continue to seek The Lord’s strength, comfort and restoration through this season, Sarah. This, too, shall pass. God bless xx

  84. Catherine

    Praying for you and your family during this period that God may keep and guide you always. Be blessed.

  85. velma

    Dear Sister Sarah,

    For the past 4 months or longer I thought you had a personal issue going on within your life when you were not posting as much as you usually did.

    I do hope that people, especially the media, will allow you and your family to handle your painful decision properly and privately.

    My prayers will continue to be with this in your troubles as they have been in your triumphs.

    Keep yuor head up Ms. Sarah. You must continue to believe that you have done all you can to save your uinion. God wants you and your children to be happy, respected, loved, and covered by the man of the house. If those aspects are not happening, than, in my opinion, God will give you His blessing to end the union so that He can send you the man you need to give you what He deems you deserve in your life.

    God Bless you,

    Your sister in Christ,
    Velma J. Cotton

  86. baroness adorekiky

    This is a blow to d church. That’s d much I can say,thank you.

  87. Estar

    My heart cries out to God for you and your family. God sees and understands the tears and pains that come our way without Him being judgmental. I admire your honesty, humility and passion for God irrespective of the dailly life challenges. God will lift you up again and again and raise you to higher levels as you remain attatched to Him. We love you Sarah and the entire Jakes family.

  88. bogere abdallah aziiz

    wel it unfotunate that it has come to and but who knows what God has got for you?just follow your heart and we pray for yu so that yu can find or do the best of you.if there was a need then its an opportunity for you to fill that gap.go girl.

  89. Ingah

    Im praying that God guides you through this season in your life, and that through all of this, you come out stronger. Stay true to yourself. Prayers to you and your family. Much love

  90. baroness adorekiky

    I love you Sarah ………..deeply,the peace of the lord will attend to you,he stands tall behind you…..

  91. Iyke Otugo

    My sister, hear this there’s nothing God cannot do. Your daddy’s best word is Rom. 8:28 and that is ur anchor scripture. Don’t give up.

  92. Faith Nassali

    We love you dear. We are praying for you. And all will be well in Jesus’s name.

  93. Ingrid

    My prayers go out to you and your family. Just know that God is with you and that he is still in control.

  94. Neisha B

    Thank you for sharing this info with the world. This has to be painful to open up about your personal life. I am sorry that you have to go through this, just know that GOD makes no mistakes. I pray that you take this time to heal from this. I will continue to be praying for you and your family.

  95. Sherry

    Sarah, life sometimes brings about a change. When one goes through a divorce, it may seem that everything in your life is coming to an end. In a sense that is true, but new beginnings are just around the corner. You may not be able to see that now, but just wait! God has some amazing and awesome things in store for you. God will use even this situation for you to be a voice for other women who are hurting and are going through the same thing or who have already been through a divorce to minister to them. God has a way of using our unique situations to bring about an unique blessings in other people’s lives. This too shall pass and a new day is just on the horizon! Praying for you and your new season in life!

  96. Emmanuel Essang

    The phenomenon of divorce among born again and spirit filled believers is totally unexpected and incomprehensible. However, I respect that it ‘s a very difficult decision to take. May the Lord shield you from every distraction to your calling and may the Lord grant you Mercy and Grace to continue your ministry with renewed vigor. Amen!

  97. siphume

    May the peace of the Lord Christ Jesus be with now and forever more as long as its what Gods wants for you may His will be done above your in Jesus Mighty Name. :)

  98. vintavius brownlee

    i will be praying with you and for you and the family and remember that in philippians 4:13 says I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHEN ME GOD BLESS U AND BE ENCOURAGED because you have helped me with your words on the POTTER’S TOUCH and the prayers are helpful also love you ms. SARAH HENSON.

  99. Brenda

    I thank God for you Sarah and I know that you are in the right place listening to your mom and dad. I read your posts and you have really been an inspiration to me and my daughter. I’ll be praying for you. I know god will keep you. May God bless you.

  100. T. Jones

    Sarah, thank you dear for posting, this has brought me great peace and comfort this morning.

  101. Uvie Egila

    Dearest , i felt bad when i read this. I know how much your life has been a source of inspiration to me and those around me . I love love and love u so much . God be with you sister

  102. Alecia

    I commend you on being courageous woman. It takes tremendous strength to emphatically take a stand to protect yourself and your children. I will be praying you and your family.
    I have a non-profit center that helps women and children called Healing Hearts Center. If you need someone to listen to you or in need of give us a call at
    1-800-828-7893. This is a confidential, 24
    24 crisis hotline.

  103. DeDe

    Hi Sarah,
    First let me start by saying this post is very brave of you. I know a decision like this does not come easy by any means. I too have experienced difficulties in my marriage, things are better now, but they have not always been that way. My husband is a recovering addict for almost 2 years now. So you might be able to imagine what me and my 3 kids had to endure with his addiction. There came a time when a EXTREMELY HARD decision had to be made and it wasn’t made lightly because of all the thoughts that ran through my head. But finally we had to seperate and that is when I asked Jesus to take me by the hand and lead me. Sarah, during that time in my life God became the best husband any woman could ask for. I was able to do things I could never do with him. I saw God provide not only my needs but our wants. I could go on and on about how he made a way but I would like to encourage you to keep your head up, you will be fine, and I am proud of you!! Woman to Woman, I got your back. Love you girl!!

  104. Deborah

    Sarah my dear, having been there I can appreciate your difficult decision and understand the need to redirect for the sake yourself and the children. I pray God’s peace and direction as you move and focus on life and the importance of just being all that Christ has for you in this time. Quote paraphrased, “we never know how STRONG we are, until we find with God that being strong is the only choice we have”.

    God bless!

  105. Bridgette Murphy

    Hey Sarah! You are 4 years younger than me, but I look up to you. I really do and I hope you hear my heart when I say, you are such a woman of class and dignity. This too shall pass. You’ve risen above the toughest challenges in life and you WILL rise above this too. Your spirit is so bright and I’m so proud of all that you are doing. Your an eagle. Fly high sis…fly high. Love you…from a stranger. -Bridgette

  106. Joi

    So sorry to hear this Sarah, I will be praying for you and your family. Stay strong

  107. @Sparkle1218

    Hello Sarah-

    We met at WTAL 2011 & you took a photo with me (I wish I could attach) . You may remember me because your security was not too pleased you agreed to the photo. Anyway, I have been where you are & I too can stand before my God and say, I did all I could do. For my own sanity, I too “Let it Go.” Most do not realize that under certain circumstances, divorce is actually approved by God. I despise divorce but I could not be married to myself. After an 11yr marriage(7yrs of pain), today I am happier than I have ever been!! I pray that you hold on and hold strong because it was only God that kept me. Your dad, friends/family, and a site called DivorceCare helped a lot.

    Please feel free to contact me if you like. I am a very private person but my testimony may help you. Hold on my sister, God knows your heart.

    Be encouraged

  108. Virginia Anderson


  109. Gail

    Will be praying for you and with you my dear. You and the children have my support and love,

  110. Eliza


    My prayers are with you and your family during this season in your life. Continue to be strong and know that God is with you, hold your head up high and keep walking in His light.

  111. Yolanda

    This is my first time reading your blog and I am touched by this heart wrenching and brave post. I’ve been where you are and can’t image going through such a trying time in a public forum. Many prayers are going up for you, and you know where your strength comes from. You will thrive and there is victory on the other side.

    Be blessed

  112. Be Inspired

    God’s plans are better than our plans… even though our plans seem to be our best plan. I pray that he will bring you, your husband and the children through this time with the least amount of ‘wounds’ as possible. You have a VERY supportive family around you but more importantly, you have a Father who knew this was going to happen from day one. He has equipped you with the strength, grace and wisdom to attach this pain to your purpose. You will overcome. Peace and Blessings to you.

  113. Harla Hawkins

    Sarah, I support and respect you and your decisions for your life. Keep your heart, mind, and spirit open to all that God already has for you. This is your journey that God will hold your hand and guide you through! Love you bunches!

  114. Lorna Bynum

    I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. (Psalm 121:1-8 KJV)

  115. Retired Supermodel

    I applaud your bravery. I have been contemplating the same thing. I have stayed and been miserable my entire marriage. Your strength and courage give me the extra I need to move on. I am inspired by you and I too will be filing for divorce.

    • Tineshia Patterson

      God bless u, sweetie! God has come that we may have life and have it more abundantly. Misery is not abundant life. Be consistently encouraged!!!

  116. Godwin Martey

    Somehow I felt in my Spirit this dude will do this someday, I found it difficult trusting him. And here we are. but Sarah I’ve got news for you. The Lord is able to heal and revive your soul to joy again. It is well.

  117. Cynthia C. Spigner


    Just want to say I’m sooooo sorry that you must endure publicizing information of such a personal nature, but; better from you than from speculators. I pray that God will continue to KEEP you and your children as well as ALL of your family but particularly you and the babies AND your husband. As difficult as it may be right now; look FORWARD to your future; it is BEAUTIFUL and BLESSINGS ABOUND!!!

  118. Kioka Steward

    Lady Sarah,
    You inspire me with your strength- you are wiser than I at your age and I applaud you. I have been at the end of the road although I had no children to consider in my process. I can tell you that you will get through this- allow the feelings to come, blanket yourself and your children with the word. Take baby steps and know that one day you will wake up and realize that you are walking on your own. Do not allow anyone to tell you how you are supposed to feel and above all else stay encouraged and know your PH family has your back.

  119. Gary Salter

    Hello Sarah,
    I’m very big supporter, and fan ;-), of your father & as a result of that I’ve come to follow you on Potter’s Touch and on fb. My wife and i also have four daughters and we have further involved our them because of the model we see with you all. I’m saddened to gear if yoyr divorce because I know that its effects on your family are much deeper than can be seen with the naked eye. Stay encouraged and don’t ever give up. Greater is coming your way soon.

  120. seyidott

    I kept wishing and hoping it wasn’t from you or it wasn’t true. I wish you God’s grace and strenght this difficult time. Take care.

  121. Elders Jose and Sarah Lopez

    I know it hard to take this stand, first as a wife and secondly as the daughter of one of the mist popular men in the nation. I’m sure with the parents you have, you have counted the cost and didn’t come to this decision hastily. I say to you as am Elder, wife, mother, daughter and woman, do what you needs to do for you and your children. My husband and I love you and you have our love and support.

  122. Carole D. Z

    Hello dear Sister Sarah,
    We have never met, however my heart sank deeply when I read your last post re: this painful transition in your life…and to my own surprise! Then I understood why Abba entrusts some of us with assignments that touch many many lives…He does so because these connections are greater than physical ones. Our spirits are connected indeed as children of the Most High, and when one hurts, others have to hurt. And then I got mad…really mad at the enemy of our souls, who have set out since the Garden to put a damp on the most beautiful of God’s institutions…Marriage.
    As you sort things through, as you move on, leave the rest to Him, every detail.
    He is surely watching…to perform His word in your life. May I join the Father as He surrounds you with hugs and comfort even in the darkest nights. And may the prayers of the saints overshadow you, moment by moment.
    Perhaps we will one day undestand all the ‘Whys’! You have been called with a Holy call, and this season may be part of that call, who knows!
    It is without a doubt, the Christ in you, the Hope of Glory for many!
    You are loved, dearly.
    Carole, Homestead FL

  123. Tineshia Patterson

    God bless u, woman of God. The enemy is truly out to destroy families; however, one being completely knowledgeable of such won’t suffice…it takes the undivided efforts of two!! Bless u all!!

  124. Nita Jones

    Dear Sarah,
    My heart goes out to you and your babies. It is my prayer that you will rest, both physically and mentally, in the arms of God and that you will feel His peace and have His grace during this most difficult time. Please allow yourself to grieve what is lost and then (when the time is right) celebrate what you have gained. May you flourish.

  125. hope

    My heart is so sadden by this im sure not as much as urs, but i really wish u nothong but the best even though i dont know you. Your marriage and your testimony really blessed me.

  126. narsiadet ndiga

    may the peace that surpases all understandig be upon you.we are with you all the way in prayer

  127. Missjay911

    Sorry to hear you going through this , I love you and we am praying for you sis !!!

  128. Macy

    Keep your head up. You owe no explanation. As a matter of fact, I’m reading your fathers book entitled, “HELP! I’m Raising My Children ALONE”. It’s indeed a blessing. Also don’t forget a comment we shared a while ago regarding forgiveness.


  129. On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand

    Wow! Sorry to hear this. You are a lovely young lady and I am certain that you will find a greater love and live happily ever after. Stay blessed.

  130. Gail

    well it’s Labor Day today, it’s been awhile since you let us know what’s going on. I’m just checking to see if you’re doing ok. I know you can’t respond to everyone of us, I just want you to know I’m still out here and still praying for you and your children, The adjustment of things as they are now, and they’re getting back into the routine of school and all. You have a famiy that truly loves and supports you during this time, but you have plenty of sisters out here who and support you also. You keep doing what GOD has for you to do Sarah, you’ll feel better after awhile. Be encouraged your sisters love you.

  131. Kimberly Henderson

    I had children young, married young and divorced young as well. During my divorce is when I was really able to see God’s hand on my life even in that bad situation. He told me that there was SO much He wanted to release to me but my now ex-husband would interfere. As bad as it hurt me to let go of the man I had spent half of my life with … I did with God’s help! He strengthened me daily so I would continue moving forward. Now … three years later … I am happier than ever! God has you covered and this is apart of His plan for your life although it may not seem that way. My testimony is on my site catogorized as “The Unseen” feel free to read at your leisure. I have you all covered in prayer! Honey you are STRONG … You got this! Psalm 126:5

  132. Abby Zachery

    You concentrate on your healing and your children, Sarah, and we’ll cover you in prayer.

  133. Shawna

    As always, I’m praying for you lil sis. We share a special connection, can’t quite put my finger on it yet :-). You have and always have a special place in my heart. Know that I am here for you, I love you and I have your back.

  134. William Drake

    I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers. I’m going through the same season in my life. I know what you’re going through. Keep your head up and stay strong.

  135. Mona Brown

    Sarah, I’m so sad and troubled to hear this. I do believe in the victory of love and healing. You are in my prayers and I have nothing but hope and love for both you and your husband. May God be with you in this time.

  136. Donnetta Epps

    Thank you for being so honest and transparent. I am seperated from my husband now (2 yrs. in Dec.) and have been standing for the restoration and reconciliation of my marriage. I know that God can do anything, exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think according to the power that worketh in us.
    I pray that God will keep you in perfect peace as you keep your mind stayed on him. Praying for the transition for all of you during this process. Be encouraged Sarah and remember that all things are working for your good because you love God.
    In Christ’s Love,

  137. Natalie Mott

    Hi Sarah: I am praying for you my sweet sister during this time. Your words have given me life through all of my challenges and I am sure they have blessed many others. You are a light and you have such a pure spirit. I know God is with you and will see you and your family through this… remember that it is only for a moment! Love you! :-)

  138. RWRMinistries


    We all will be praying for you and the family. Wishing you well during this most difficult transition. Bless you!!!

  139. Ashley Holmes

    Hey Sarah, I had no ideal. You are in my prayers and forever in my spirit. Just like Ruth good will bless you double for you’re faithfulness. I have always admire you and with every passing season you become a stronger Woman of God. Whenever you are back in DC or I am back in Texas, we have too make sure we go out. Be Blessed. :)

  140. Julia

    I am so sorry for this and I hope God almighty will indeed help you in these trying moments of your life. Will be praying for you

  141. Helena

    Courage! Dont breake your marriage! Have a soft heart! Jesus fight again satan 40 days and won a battle1. Pray, fasting bring back your relationship in presence of God. Love yourself. Clean your conscience, soul and enjoying you family. Have god some project and loss a time dedicated for the project. Example, care homeless children, elder, biblical counseling

  142. normasbathandbody

    I am so sorry about your divorce. Marriage is a Tough thing to do. not easy. stay grounded in God and keep being the mother that you are. I love your Dad TD Jakes. God Bless all of you!!

  143. Renee

    So sorry to hear about your struggles. Praying for you and your family through this difficult time! God be with you.

  144. Cassandra

    Sarah I am so sorry to hear this. As someone who has gone through the difficulties of a divorce I do understand your pain. Even when you know it has to end the pain is the same. My prayers are with you and your children. GOD Bless you

  145. Felicia Williams


    You survived getting pregnant at a young age. Remember those days when it seemed like the worst time in your life. When you just wanted it to be OVER. Those days passed and you survived. Here you are today, feeling those same feelings about a different situation. You just want it to be over. I have been in both places just like you and let me enourage you that a failed marriage does NOT mean you are a failure. These days will be over soon and folks will have new folks to talk about. Until then, stay the course, keep your head up, get healed and minister out of what you have been through!! We don’t always like to hear it….but welcome to the next realm of ministry. God will bless you to love again, but in women’s ministry you have to be able to minister FULL CIRCLE!! I am excited about the NEXT of God for you! I am praying for you!! Love you sooo much! Keep being an example!!

  146. Brenda Townsel

    I made the same decision in May of this year. Eventhough it has been hard, I never regret my decision. I will be in prayer for you. It’s a great adjustment to going back to being a single mom. I feel so much humiliation going back to little of nothing, but I can say God has kept us through all of it and I’m learning to count my blessings! You stay encouraged God will keep you! Don’t worry about the negative folks because they are not in your shoes!!

  147. Alex Keno

    Dear Sarah, I hold you, and your family in my heart and prayers. Considering that this forum is public, I will keep my coments as short as possible.

    You do not know me, but we are connected in a fashion that I would never have chosen. I have faced the dilemna that you are facing now. A decade ago, one of your father’s closest friends, a married man, had an affair with a married female employee, of Potter’s House, and they conceived a son. Your father’s friend remained married, however, the woman’s husband struggled with the situation and ultimately decided to divorce.

    How does that connect us? That woman then had an affair with my husband, during one of the most challenging times in my life that a woman can experience. (Think Elizabeth Edwards) When I discovered the infidelity and adultery I uncovered much more. I was already in medical, and emotional, crisis and had to deal with one of the worst betrayals a wife will ever endure.

    I tell you all this to let you know that your emotions will be all over the map, for a very long time. You will grieve what you thought you had, and you will grieve what you had hoped for. We can never control the choices of another, yet we sometimes suffer the consequences more severely than the person that betrayed us.

    There were days when all I could muster was to “stand.” What I mean by that is that I couldn’t choose divorce, and I couldn’t whole heartedly embrace my husband, and my marriage.

    In time (almost 4 years following discovery) I realized that if our Savior, our Brother, Jesus could suffer betrayal unto death and if He could willingly forgive his betrayer and choose to suffer the consequences of my/our sins, certainly I should be able to find it within myself to forgive my husband. After such a personal sacrifice the added betrayal of our continual sin must pain our Savior beyond any hurt that we experience. Yet, He is always there for us. Always!

    We are all flawed and I came to an understanding that had I been the unfaithful one I would hope that I’d be extended the grace to redeem myself and that my past wouldn’t be held against me. It was then that I was able to move forward and embrace my husband, and my marriage. But there were many dark, dark moments before that healing and understanding arrived.

    No one can tell you what choice you should make. Only you know whether continuing in your marriage would harden your heart and perhaps cause you to be less close to our Lord. Only you can guage whether your husband is capable, and willing, to do the hard work of humbling himself and extending restoration and reconcilition to you, and to your family.

    In the meantime, know that many of us have suffered what you are suffering and our faith didn’t flag, but became stronger. I am so sorry that you are enduring this and my prayer is that your heart heals as quickly as possible. It seems so incredibly unfair that we suffer the deeper consequences of our husband’s decisions, and choices. However, Scripture lays it out for us, if we look for it.

    In the end, I believe there is no greater ministry than living faithfully. It is that example that speaks the loudest and teaches the lasting lessons.

    I send you much love and many hugs! Alex

  148. Ann

    I am sorry that divorce has happened. What ever the problem was, did you not see the red flags prior to marriage? It is true people can put on a front. If the husband was the problem which is what it sound like from you side, apparently he did not hear from God. You really have to check people out as best as you can prior to getting married. You cannot marry a person just because the person is a celebrity, the person is good looking or have a nice body. I definitely hope that didn’t have the mentality think you marriage will always be a fairy tale. Hopefully this will be a lesson that you learn so you can move on to the next time you get married.

  149. Tina

    Sarah, I just want to say how proud I am for you for the stand you’re taking. I know this decision was not an easy one and that you only came to the conclusion of dissolving your marriage or four years after much prayer and consideration. You continue to be the woman God has called you to be and take care of yourself and your childen.

    Thank you for your honesty & transparency. It means a lot to not only many young women but just women in general.

    Yours in Christ

  150. Andea


    My prayers and my heart go out to you. I know that it was hard to make that decision, and I too had to do the same for my sanity. I can relate and hope that you understand it’s not a failure but a learning experience that you had to go through or GOD would not have let it happen, hmm I am probably preaching to the choir!! :-) Smile and keep those babies safe, happy and healthy. Truly that is what matters. When they see you are happy they will be happy, know that safety, sanity and love of yourself is so important. Blessings

  151. Pat

    Thanks Sarah for being a woman of purpose, decision, and destiny!!! Thank you for sharing. Many women will be healed from this testimony!!! I appreciate you!!! Be strong in the LORD! GOD is with you!!! Many women are in the exact same place as you; however, they are not strong enought to move on!!!!

  152. Chion

    You are wise and brave beyond your years. God has done and is doing an awesome work in and through you. You are not alone. This is going to make your testimony even stronger and set so many people up for their own break-thru. Hold your head up and know that the victory is WON you just have to go through the process. Praying and Agreeing with you.

  153. Eugenia Willis

    Blessings to you Sarah! Know that God’s love for you is unconditional! Stay in tune with His voice.There are many voices speaking, but listen to the voice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Stay at His feet, giving You’re life to Him. Just as He’s kepted you in times past….Surely……. you can trust Him with your future! Daily send Him before you, and meet Him there! Praise Him in the Storm! I send forth you’re way Jehovah Shalom THE GOD OF PEACE! We need one another!

  154. gillian thuli dube

    my prayerz are with u sarah. But above all our prayerz, God is with you!!! Stay strong hun!

  155. Marian

    My prayers go out to you and your family during this time. Know that the Lord is a restorer. I have gone through a divorce as a Christian and it is painful. But Psalm 23 kept me knowing that even though I walked through a valley God was with me. He will be with you as well and He causes all things to work together for good…(Romans 8:28).


  156. Paul

    I am praying for the man involed. There were 2 imperfect people involved. So why not prayer for the man?

  157. Charlotte


    Thank you for posting this.I needed to see this because I went through the same thing and it makes me feel better that I am not alone.

    I was married with two kids by age 19. I was divorced by age 25. Deciding to divorce my husband was a very difficult decision. I didn’t think I could make it on my own. But I decided to divorce him because I could no longer endure the pain that came along with the marriage.

    Well, that was one year ago and God has shown me how awesome He truly is! I have obtained a bachelors degree and now I am in graduate school. I have a full time job and my kids and I are making it just fine!

    God will give you the strength to make it through this tough time just like he did it for me! Since you have (in my opinion) the “Greatest Pastor Ever” for a father, I have no doubt that you will be fine. I will continue to pray for your strength as you embark on this journey in your life.

    Be blessed,


  158. Francine

    I pray that God will strengthen you through this process…God is the greatest power!

  159. Keyonna

    Sarah your testimony is so beautiful and God uses what looks like a mess to build mountains and you will soar. We love you and God loves you. Be Strong and Keep your head up!

  160. Sheila

    I pray God’s protection for you and your children. May God continue to cover you and your children in his blood.I also pray tht God would touch your soon to be ex-husband’s mind and his heart.

  161. Monica Byrd

    I have watched you grow over the years and I for one would like to tell you how proud I am of you. God has done so many AMAZING things in your life and will continue to do so. I know this is a challenging time but I also know even in your darkest moments that God will continue to show himself true to you and your children. I pray for the peace of God to be over you, your children, and home as you go through this transition. Remember we mourn the things we loose, then we must go on… you still have so much life in you. “God chose you and wants you to live your life in peace” (1Cor. 7:15)

    Love you much continue to be blessed!
    Moe’ Byrd

  162. Melinda

    Sarah, my prayers go out to you and the children. Just rememmber god is in control of everything you going through. May God guide you every step ofthe way..

  163. Danan

    Keep doing what you do~


    You are such a inspiration to so many people. You and your family will certainly be in my prayers. Keep doing what you do, you are a blessing to so many, on so many levels. And keep this one with you Philippians 4:7, “and the peace of God” you know… Take care and God bless..

  164. Mercy

    Sarah, marriage is not easy it has it’s seasons no wonder the disciples said it is better not to marry because there is no way out apart from a non believer who leaves voluntarily but we can still pray for their salvation and the marriage can still be restored. Even adultery Na’aph – hebrew, moicheia greek is not a valid ground for divorce according to the bible, i know we have been taught the opposite only Zanah-Hebrew, Porneia-Greek is allowed (during the Jewish betrothal period), fornication as the KJV rightly translates it. The bible further says that those that marry will face troubles in this life, please be encouraged by the following testimonies http://rejoiceministries.org/restored.php. I know the circumstances you are in may be very tough but our God is still able to make a way in the wilderness and turn it into a testimony.

  165. Mercy

    If it is related to physical or emotional abuse it is high time the church started addressing this sin of violence seriously, the abusers need deliverance and the church needs to teach on sanctification. Praying for you and your husband, divorce is not the way out, marriage is not easy it has it’s seasons no wonder the disciples said it is better not to marry ,am sure you are in a very tough situation but our God is more than able.

  166. Catina Woods

    Thank you for your transparency. God’s grace is already given and my encouragement to you is the same encouragement God gave to me, “strengthen those things that remain.” It’s all apart of your journey. God has commanded his strength upon you. Continue to walk in it.

    God Bless you and your family!

  167. Catina Woods

    Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for your transparency. I offer encouragement in the same words that the Lord encouraged me, “Strengthen those things that remain.” He has commanded his strength upon you. Continue to walk in it. Please know that your smile is magnetic. You are a beautiful woman. Never let circumstances take your smile.

    Yours in Christ,

  168. donna taylor


  169. Demetris Thomson

    keep ya head up. It aint gone be easy with the media all in ya grip, not to mention church folk makin’ like they concerned but . . . you know. Just keep ya head up an holla at me if ya need me. I’m here.

  170. Jamie guye

    Im so sorry to hear that! But I truly understand having been in a similar situation myself. My prayers go out to you and your children. Keep your head up, your spirits high, and your eyes on God!!!! You will be ok !

  171. Sarah

    My prayers go out to you. This must have been an incredibly difficult decision for you. May God’s grace see you through and protect your children.

  172. Vivian

    Sarah, I know the pain of a divorce that I hoped and prayed would not have to happen. So I can imagine how difficult and painful this decision must be for you. Thank God for the love and support of family who can help you through your struggle. I pray for the healing of your soul and spirit as you navigate through this trying time in your life. May God continue to bless you and your children with even greater love, support, blessings and ministry. Know that our Father will turn what the devil meant for evil into something that works for your good and the good of others. We shall have the victory in Jesus’ name!

  173. Connie Hollemon

    I just want you to know that you are in my prayers. When you have done all you can just stand and stand stand and stand again. The Lord will take care of you and your children. I have been their and I can truly say that he will take care of you. Be encourage in all the decision that you make. God Bless You!

  174. Angela Daniels

    You inspire me to smile. Thank you for your being real about real life issues. Your story so mirrors so many women. Thank you for your strength and boldness to share your story to help and spire us. God bless you as you are such a blessing to sooooo many others. ;-)

  175. Kereskine Daniels

    Hi Sarah, just remember one thing, that god loves you and your family loves you. you are very beautiful and smart young woman that did great for herself and is a great example for young woman and man. You are going to have people out there that going to judge you, but you just keep your eye on God and he keep you safe. Just keeping doing your great work and encouraging people.

  176. Leslie Brunson

    Sis. Sarah. I want you to know how proud of you I am. I truly know how difficult this must be and I admire you for putting your private life out in the opening. I too am about to travel down that road and know that it is necessary for my next great level but I need strength and provision from God. Pray for me and I you. Your sister and fan. LESLIE

  177. TC

    I recently started watching The Potter House online. I have fell in love with the way TD Jakes preach. I do not know wat you are going through, but I know God will bring you out of it. Stay postive and blessed. You are still a child of God. In my prayers.

  178. L. W. ALEXANDER

    It was sad to hear about your failed marriage. Then I looked at your age. Than I saw that you were head of the womens ministry at your father’s church. Than I read you had your first child at 14. Than I read your bio as a business woman. I dont know your husband, but I reconize that he had a lot to tackle, football player or not. There is no sport that prepares a player for the game of life. Usually two innocent youth or mature people are joined together and began to build a marriage for and with each other. Than all the other things are added. When this does not happen the dominator or victim will flee because love loses its humbled place. Thanks, for sharing. All marriages are public. Its the children, regardess of age, that lose their security and trust for the rest of their lives.

  179. SCT

    Hold your head up, and continue to smile!! it will all work out for you and your family. I had to do the same thing three years ago, and I look at my decision with a positive perspective, just another chapter in my book so you do the same, another chapter in the book of Sarah D. Henson….life is all about lessons, one will either learn from the lesson, or continue to do the samething and get the same results. Continue to pray as we all pray for you, as you know God is always with us, we just chose to leave him thats all, with that said you are not alone.

  180. Candance

    Sarah as I started reading your blog it was encouraging to me. In so many words I can actually read this and know somethings you may have experience. You’re decision for yourself and children is what matters the most and you have inspired me to do something about my own. I just wanted to say this because I heard your testimony about being scared and living in fear and so have I but God has started to really turn that around for me and my child and thank you for sharing your story.

  181. judge eve ellingwood ( aka cohen sternlight) ret.

    God bless you and deliver you through this difficult time. I am a Jerusalem born jew, for whom Jesus is Lord, a retired judge, minister , prophet ( a seer- into the body, past , future and healer ) and in 20 years of ministry all over the country and on TV and radio have been a part of some amazing miracles. One thing the Lord had shown me was that He was putting people together , like two sides of the same coin- but also separating those who will not serve Him together. So, I think you know that is your case. Please see my website: http://www.90210holocaust.com- about my parents’ murders in Beverly Hills as I had “dared” talk about my belief in Jesus on TBN. I now also have an internet radio show– JUDGE EVE – on:http://www.bbsradio.com-station1- on alternate Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. est. This Saturday, 9-22–12– my guest is Laura Maxwell from Scotland, an ex Spiritualist. call ins are welcome at : 1-888-627=6008. Be blessed with Jesus’ great love , judge eve ellingwood ( aka cohen sternlight) ret– email: eejudgeve79@gmail.com

  182. Audra

    Praying for All of you!! Be encourage & know God is still God & He will carry you through.
    God Bless

  183. Mechelle

    This too shall pass and you’ll be better and more stronger on the other side of the pain in Jesus Name!!!!

  184. Joy

    I send my sincere prayers, encouragement and support to you and your children during this transition. You are a woman of strength and courage, and inspiration to all. “Eagles Fly High”

  185. Faye Ross


    You are a strong young woman. You have your whole life ahead of you. Hold your head high stay on the path, it’s leading right to the place where you were God has so many wonderful for you. God bless you, praying for you.

  186. ozias

    my dear syster
    to day again i just read from your site,a m sorry for that .but
    you have to do this: pray for your children father that let God forgive him ,you to you have to forgive him ,declare a blessing over him ,and God will bless you back.don’t think about wat hi did .but think about hoe hi is.God bless u

  187. Darlene

    Sorry to hear! But at least you have the courage to do it! and don’t let anyone make you regret what is good for you and your children! May God grant you peace and grace through this most difficult time. Remember that, All things work together for good! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

  188. Monica

    Sarah…I am praying for you!
    I too am in the same boat. And being a Christian woman, we do stand at the word of the Lord and truly try to honor him in every way possible…but as we both have come to realize, his grace allows us to leave in certain situations!
    I am saddened for you…but as a mother, you are ultimately doing the right thing when it comes to protecting you and them babies!
    Stand tall an proud! And know that God will continue to heal you in this time of heart break!
    I am a dedicated follower of you, and I know your words will help me heal as I pray your writing heals you!
    God bless!

  189. Lady williams

    When you’ve done all you could do, JUST STAND! Divorce is never easy but you have the best hands holding you up, JESUS! Praying for strength and comfort and continual blessings for you and your children!!!!

  190. Sheria

    I will be praying for you as well as your family. I believe that you are a strong woman and God has your back. Simply put: You’ve got what it takes – God!!! Keep your head lifted and be encouraged!!!

  191. Dandy Cullins

    I just want you to know that you and your family are in my prayers. May the God of all comfort, comfort your heart and mind through Christ Jesus. Take time to heal and hold your babies close.

  192. Silver Goodwin

    Sarah you continue to AMAZE me with your strength. You are a role model for our younger generations of teen mothers that God will NEVER leave them. Your maturity in God has encouraged the season women of God to stay FOCUS on the things of God. Thank you for a noncompromising stand and letting nothing come between your development into who God has called you to be. My prayers are with you and your kids. Gods got you in the palm of his hand and you all are gonna be GREAT. Thanks for your inspiring words that keep the young generation and us season women of God inspired to NEVER loose focus on God. Love U!

  193. Boniface N Ng'ang'a


    You are a woman of incredible strength, virtue and character. My heart goes out to you and I pray that God may pour His healing oil on your wounds.

    By Gods grace, you will pull through this. God did not promise us a storm free life…however He promised to be our strength in the storms.

    May God cover you with the fur coat of His comfort, encouragement, hope, wisdom and courage as you walk through this phase. May you find enough grace for every phase….

    My family and I are praying for you…


  194. Kgomotso Kgobe

    Hi Sarah, so sorry to hear.Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Keep your head up- will be praying for you.

    Love you with the love of the Lord!!

  195. Nichelle Ruffin

    Young lady you will find that in life you’ll go through many challenges. Of course this is one and probably one of the hardest you’ll ever encounter. But, life goes on. Just remember that God keeps you in the palm of his hands.

    In the OT, only men were able to divorce their wives (Deut. 24:1-4). In the NT, women were also apparently able to initiate divorce (Mark 10:12; 1 Cor. 7:13). But, what is a Christian to do if he or she has been divorced? Can he remarry? Should he stay single? Is the Christian guilty of a perpetual sin if he or she divorces?

    God wants the Christian to take marriage very seriously. Jesus said, “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate,” (Mark 10:9 — see also 1 Cor. 7:10-11; Heb. 13:4.).2 But, because we live in an imperfect world, the Bible speaks about the circumstance of divorce. Let’s take a look.

    The Biblical Reasons For Divorce
    Adultery: Jesus said, “And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery,” (Matt. 19:9). The word in Greek for immorality is porneia from which we get the word pornography. Sexual immorality, i.e., adultery, is a grounds for divorce according to Jesus.

    Abandonment: In addressing the issue of husband and wife, Paul said, “Yet if the unbelieving one leaves, let him leave; the brother or the sister is not under bondage in such cases, but God has called us to peace,” (1 Cor. 7:15).

  196. Ugochi

    I pray for abundant grace on you Sarah, as you lean on The Holy Spirit for strength, He can and will pull you through! Plenty of love!

  197. Fred Olomuro

    My concern is God’s say and direction in this issue. I pray for His Grace and guidance.

  198. Emily

    Dear Sarah,

    Exactly two years ago, I stood where you now stand. I am so sorry for this loss you are experiencing. I pray that God would wrap His arms around you and your babies during this difficult time of transition and I pray that your mother and father would continue to be your strong right and left arm and that you would lean on them for support now and in the days ahead.

    It is neither an easy decision, nor an easy road to journey, but it will be one of rebirth, renewing, revelation and one day even…rejoicing. You are a strong, beautiful woman and an even more amazing mother.

    Be of good courage <3


  199. Michele S. Chalmers

    Dear Sarah:
    To God Be The Glory!!

    I have walked through that valley twice in my live, the last being twenty-four years ago. This is not about me, however, I can openly acknowledge why it happened to me. But I thank God that the 23rd Psalms encouraged me, and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost has since kept me!
    I thank God for your strength and transparency. As you and your beautiful children move forward, please keep your vision alive. Many young women need you and the Word that springs forth from your Spirit. I am a long ways away from you, have not been in Texas since my military days almost 40 years ago,but I’ve followed your Papa, and then I “met” you! I am proud of you & your ministry, and I encourage you to press on, for the battle is not yours, but the Lord’s. God Bless you and may Heaven continue to smile upon you! ♥

  200. Gloria Williams

    You are such an awesome young woman with a great future in God’s kingdom work. It takes a very special, humbled, and anointed young man to walk in and appreciated the ministry God has put in you and the wonderful giftings found in the TD Jakes family. I moved from California just to be closer and to be able to feed off the heavenly table, in person, at the The Potter’s House and I HAVE NOT REGRETTED IT!

    I’m praying for Robert’s maturity as well as the well being of you and the kids. You are loved and you’re going to make it!

    From the heart of a mom,

    Gloria Williams

  201. Leatitia

    my heart broke when I read this…I am praying for you and your family…God binds up and heals all wounds….

    Much love

  202. Juanita Watson

    My prayers are with you during this turbulent time. I know that through your strong faith and committment you will overcome . Be encouraged my sister in Christ.

  203. Veronica

    Dear Sarah

    This should be your ministry, brokeness. You cannot preach it if you have gone through it. As a minister of the Word, you can now stand in front of masses, to teach about Comfort. Divorce is not easy, but God purpose is powerful

    You have an opportunity to be single and happy woman, before you move into your prophetic marriage that God has destined for you.

    God love you, and we love you. Do the right thing, focus on God, Work on your relationship with Him. You need him more

  204. Cynthia

    Sarah I know how you feel. Been there done that. Without God I would have not made it. He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. You are a SBW!!!! Remember “What don’t kill you will make you stronger.” My failed marriage made me stronger. I was blessed to have a son (10 yrs. old) out of my marriage. I have to stay strong for him and you do the same for your children. His grace and mercy will sustain you and “This too shall pass.” Be BLESSED :)

  205. Latty

    I understand what you are going through, currently separated from my husband for over 3 years now. And I wont say I am sorry I to have married so young, but it’s life I am now 28 got married at 22 separated at 25 and to tell you the truth that man almost broke. I am looking to God for all the right answers cause it was hard have a son outside of marriage (after we broke up) people tried to killed me with their mouth. But I have learned through your father’s ministry that people are always going to talk. God is the the real judge and everything works together for the greater good for those who love the Lord. Hold your head up sister.

  206. Cathy Gray

    Greeting Sarah,

    I just want you to remember one thing. God has not changed because your circumstances has. He loves you even more. You are a young inspiring , ambitious woman of God. I can see you standing in the mist of many young and old women preaching and the Lord healing them. What you may be going through now is going to serve you. A divorce is never easy. I been divorce now for over 21 years and remarry for 20 years. You just have to remember who you are each and every day. I thank God you have two strong beautiful parents that help you walk through this difficult time. But your strength will come with your walk and your purpose with the Lord. i will not say the foolish thing as some will say ” you are going through to help somebody else. ” I’m going to say while your going through you will keep someone else from arriving there. May the Lord Bless you with wisdom in every thought process that you have to make and Bless your little ones that he will guide and protect them in every way. Know that the Lord is with you every step of the way. God is good go forth with Praises on your lips and hands lifted up and know this too shall pass.

  207. Dianne

    I’m sorry that your marriage didn’t work out. I pray that God continues to use you to bless others while he touches the secret places with his finger of love. Blessings to you and your family. (((hugs)))

  208. Shelly

    Hello Sarah, I am truly behind you 100%. I am a single mom age 45 and raising a son alone. I too experienced a painful divorce. But Gods gives us all wisdom through his word. I went through being mistreated because no one could understand my decision to divorce my spouse after 5 years of marriage. I had to think about myself and my child not what other people had to say about it. They tried to judge me on my decision but I had a person higher than I that stood before me and assured me that he loved me and did not blame me as others did. Hold fast my sister and be strong. YOU ARE A WINNER.

  209. Zan

    God sees and knows what you have been through. Ending a marriage is never easy especially where there are children involved. I testify to you that you are neither lost nor forgotten! God loves you and will strengthen you for the journey ahead. Mother to Mother…. Love from South Africa

  210. Rachel

    As a woman who has walked in your shoes, I feel your pain. Divorce is NEVER an easy decision. Especially for those of us who walk in the faith. People will be critical and judgemental, but God forgives and that is all that matters. It’s going to feel like a rollercoaster for a while. There will be many emotions involved even after things are finalized, but this is not the end of the road, this is not the end of your life. You know all of this, but sometimes it just helps to hear if from someone who knows where you are. Be encouraged, because one day the rain will stop and the sun will shine again.

  211. Minister D

    That was never your husband in the first place, what God brings together
    can not fail, and its not a struggle to make it work.

    Dont dare call your self divorced, its not your fault if someone else does not
    understand love. Your very smart and pretty you’ll be fine. Forgive him and move on.

    God Bless
    Minister D

  212. Pilar Arsenec

    Sarah, I am very saddened to hear this. I subscribe to your blog but for some reason did not get this message last month. You were on my heart and I went to see about you on Twitter, but it was gone. I then came here and saw this. I know what a difficult time you must be going through and my heart breaks for you. I will definitely keep you and your children in my prayers. Hoping for brighter days ahead sis.

  213. MichelleHarris

    My prayers are sincerely with you in this time and season of your life! As I write this, I cry for you and yet I rejoice for your courage and strength that you exude! May your heart and mind be healed and may the God of peace envelope you and your children. God bless you always

  214. She

    Thank you Sarah. I thought I was the only one going through this. At this time, this season in my life as a christian woman I am tired and drained from my marriage. I have to make a decision because if I don’t I cannot focus on God in the way he would want me to do. I pray your strength in the Lord for you and your children. May God continue to bless and keep you in his care.

  215. fubara Willlie Pepple

    Dear Serah,
    It is sad to hear this.
    As you go through this period keep praying. I dont really like believers breaking up, its really always a big blow, not only to the couples but to so many of us that have so mush respect to you and your family . well , you must have your reasons . May GOD help you.
    Something Tells Me God is not over on this case…

    Stay Blessed

  216. Shelly

    My friend, I sensed this for some time. I’ve been praying for your strength during this tough transition. God is STILL able. You will rise above and go through this season. Cry if you must, scream and get it out. God’s got you. I’ll continue to pray….. (from one divorced mom to another) ((((Sarah&children))))

  217. Ebony H Brooks

    Dear Mrs. Sarah Jakes,

    I pray that you are continually encouraged. I pray that the Holy Spirit guides you and leads you. I know that your footsteps are ordered by the Lord and this is part of His plan. It is not easy especially being in the public eye, with judgement and criticism. But I pray that for every false tongue that God pours out His love upon you and your whole family. And that there is an encouraging tongue from the Lord. Be strong and know that you are a child of God. I pray you get through this with a sound mind, and a deeper understanding of God’s love.

    Mrs. Ebony H. Brooks

    • gwen m.

      My prayers go out to you and Robert,and your children, during this difficult time.

  218. fola

    I am here for you sarah, If only you can see me the way God sees me. I am ready to fill the vacuum if you give me a chance.
    love you so much

  219. sabrina cathey

    i am praying for you and ur family.keep ur head up and continue to let God use u, love ur sister in christ.

  220. Cinda Brown

    Thank you for your couraged to share your life. I pray peace fills your thoughts.

  221. SEUN

    Sarah, I don’t want you to give up. Is there anyone God cannot change?Is there anyone differences God cannot reconcile? Be strong and make it work. When it works, this can change millions of women around the world.Please.

    Try study how Bro Benny Hinn won the battle..

  222. fiona

    Dear Sarah, Yes it is tough .God is still good. remember the verse ”be still and know I am God”.

    I know you will make it, just by relying on God. People may say they understand but may not really. Rely more on God. Read Isaiah 54. This word God gave me at one time when I was at my lowest moments, and after much prayer God directed me to read the chapter.

    Seek to know the appropriate word for your circumstance.

    Get bible verses appropriate for your current circumstance. Then confess them loud each time you are low eg I am fearfull and wonderfully made, I can do all things through christ who strengthens me, the lord will supply my needs according to his riches in glory, God haas not given me a spirit of fear etc.

    Gods word is like a hammer that can break rocks to pieces.

    God wll never leave you or forsake you.

    forgive 70* 7 times- it will bring healing. harbour no bitterness whatsoever. He is still your kids Daddy.

    Do not look at the rear mirror as you may not see clearly the road ahead.

    Do not bow my dear to any negative thoughts , Guard your mind.
    remember the story of shadrack meshak and abednego in the bible.

    what I know is that you will come out of this victorious. ts OK to feel low but do not let it rob you of life. You will make it. Do not give in, Pray a lot too.

    Do not fear for the future but trust in God. Is there anything too hard for God.

    You stll have many more brighter days ahead of you. Guard your hear for out of these come the issues of life.

    God is your strengh. Do not judge your self.

    With God nothing is impossibe.

    Be blessed be stong be courageous for the Lord your God is with you.

    writing from Kenya

  223. Tina

    Its a no wonder this one has so many comments, cause divorce is so prevalent today. I will speak from my stand point, I use to be a member of the Potters House. I moved to Georgia (World Changers), after 23 years came back home divorce, and found out my mail still goes to the Potters House.. first few times I came back, the shame, guilt, resentment ect. all started to melt away. Sarah keep pressing that same default button (WORD), that will carry you through. Its is a testimony, cause it took strength for you not to be afraid, and try and remain. You are such a beautiful girl. A word to you for your children, be strong (as you are), cause they will look at you, they are watching, you have it in you. I believe you can make it, and recover well. God Bless you

    • Tina

      Correction (the 23 years) was of marriage. I was World Changer 7years, then came back home.

  224. Clauditte

    GOD Bless you In Jesus Name I feel You I so Relate To this May GOD help you and give you His Peace.In Jesus Name…..To what You Going Through Im In a Marriage that one day I push my self to be happy and the next day Im so sad I always feel not loved used like a object in the Love area my spouse does not see us as a issue we go to church as always home life is mentally abusive and I have left a few times just to come back after a week away of him calling me saying all will be different strong use of Porn…and un holy word used to keep him happy but I know that I will soon be out because the stress of other issues like me not bearing his child and never being good enough or skinny enough keeps my spirit down

  225. Deja

    In EVERYTHING we go thru, there is Purpose!!! You are still an amazing women of God inspite of what you go thru. In spite of your calamity. We serve an awesome who has brought you out before and delivered you from many other things. HE WILL DO IT AGAIN!!! Stay hopeful Sarah and continue to walk with your head up. Your tears will dry someone elses thru this experience alone. The deeper the hurt, the greater the blessing. Your heart is what i pray for at this time. And also your babies. I love you for the women of God you are. Hang in there!!! :) blessing shall flow!

    Romans 8:18
    18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

  226. Deja

    In EVERYTHING we go thru, there is Purpose!!! You are still an amazing women of God inspite of what you go thru. In spite of your calamity. We serve an awesome God who has brought you out before and delivered you from many other things. HE WILL DO IT AGAIN!!! Stay hopeful Sarah and continue to walk with your head up. Your tears will dry someone else’s thru this experience alone. The deeper the hurt, the greater the blessing. Your heart is what i pray for at this time. And also your babies. I love you for the women of God you are. Hang in there!!! blessings shall flow!

    Romans 8:18
    18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

  227. yvonna terry

    All anyone who Loves GOD,should DO,is EMBRACE YOUR decision.The AGAPE LOVE i have for you fully ALLOWS me to do so..Be Strong in the LORD,Get CLOSER to HIM,HIS PROMISES ARE TRUE!!!!!
    I, APPLAUD u for taking a positive step in your DESTINY!!!!
    Being in the limelight is challenging,but just STAY the course,Sistergirl, Know u have Women,who will STAND with you UNCONDITIONALLY….I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!

  228. Kyshae


    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I just finished reading Paula White/s article from the magazine EMOTIONS, that I received when I went to WTAL confernce in ATL. I have been hear just searching, reading, praying to get through my divorce also. So painful. I was the one who filed also but that does not make it any easier at all. WOW. I would have never imagined that this would be so hard. I have 3 children. I know that God has so much in store but wow, what a difficult time. I am so excited about where God is taking you. I am thankful that God placed your father in my life at an early age. If I had listened to him many years ago, I would probably already gone through my healing process by now. You are so blessed to have a father like him in addition to our Heavenly Father. You are going to be just fine. I am going to be just fine. By you being transparent, you are helping so many get through their struggle. I am attending the business conference on November 15 and 16. Happy that you guys are allowing God to use the gifts that he placed in you. Sorry, dont feel like proofreading at the moment so please excuse grammatical errors (lol). Again, thank you. With Love


  229. Lekeisha Jones

    Girl, I was 25 when I was divorced from my husband. I’m 31 now, no children, but I have a new sense of who I am as a woman. You have children so I can only imagine what you’re going through. Be strong and encouraged. Most importantly allow this to be a learning and growing experience. God makes no mistakes. This is not a failure. This is an opportunity to be a better woman and a better person. I know it hurts- I remember that pain. Just know that I cried those same tears and have experienced some of the same struggle. I was 21 when I married and I knew I was ready. It is what it is. You did nothing wrong. Trust me… it gets better! Allow yourself to heal- that is the best advice I was given. God bless you :)

  230. Lisa Shaw

    Praying God’s comfort, strength, wisdom and favor over you and your family at this difficult time. May His love overwhelm every hurt you feel. Your future is bright!

    Much love

  231. Alex Uzor

    It is well with you my sister. The Lord will see you through this painful journey. But I want to humbly add that we as Christians must be careful on how we live our lives. The rate of divorce in America is alarming. We must be an example to the world system. The problem is that we spend a lot preparing for wedding, but we don’t give time to prepare for marriage. I encourage you to find all the books by Walter Trobisch and read them, your life will never remain the same. Take care.

  232. liz williams

    What can I say but, wow, sarah you are an inspiration to me, your dad is a mentor to me, I have been supporting your daddy ministry ever since I found out about this “great man of god” when you were getting married I didnt stop reading how your dad made everything special for his little girl Sarah, even gettting her dress from new york, I love you so very much that I copied your colour from your wedding and had my bridesmaid dress the same way, I adore you and the work that God has called you to do, I know what you are going thru I have been there and so have a lot of women, But God will take you through and you said it right, you will navigate through every situation in your life with his divine strangth, I live in Canada but I keep up to date with your dad/family Ministry. Stay calm, we are praying for you. Love you lots, be blessed.

  233. Denise

    I have been where you are .. Its not easy God is our help. Be encouraged .. Love your post.



  235. Maely

    Thank you Sarah for your story. God is good His grace and mercy never fails.


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